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Luxury event production, design, and wedding planning Costa Rica and beyond


At MG Events, we seek out the extraordinary paired with genuine personalization and inventive design to create an event experience that is uniquely you or your brand. Our mission is to curate a celebration that truly becomes one of your life’s greatest joys, surrounded by people you cherish and a team that values you and your wishes.

We care about milestones and memories rootedlove. We live for intimate moments, large family gatherings, and authentic cultural experiences. Our drive comes from the desire to exceed even the wildest expectations. Our passion isdesigning events that are visually inspiring, unforgettableexperience, and exciting to plan at every turn.

Our Mission

Sustainable living is based on a simple principle: Everything we need for our survival and well-being depends on, either directly or indirectly, our natural environment. At MG Events, we are committed to implementing and maintaining sustainable practices wherever we can to serve your event needs and respect Costa Rica’s lush natural landscape.

The impact destination events have on our planet runs deep. We work diligently to find ways to offset the effects of travel and the waywhich we celebrate so that you and your guests can enjoy a rich experience without additional waste or careless impact.

Social Commitment Counts. Our social consciousness is part of who we are. A portion of the proceeds from every event booking goes to support local projects that promote education and conservationCosta Rica.

About Monica Gomez

I’ve been producing exceptional celebrations since 2011 andthat time, I’ve had the honor of executing events for notable brands and individuals such as Guerlain Cosmetics, Justin Bieber, Sephora, and the City of Toronto. I believe wholeheartedly in my team, known for our ability to dream up bold designs and craft original ideas while seeing them through with style, flair, and scrupulous attention to detail.

Our company is one with roots around the globe, with officesCosta Rica and North America. No matter where we produce a wedding or party, we are always socially conscious, experience-driven, and fiercely creative.

I believe we are only as good as our last wedding or event; thus, yours is what matters most. Our client relationships count. The connection we have with you, your family, and your entire event team is paramount. The human experience comes first. We are the best at what we do and that’s a reputation we don’t take lightly. I look forward to celebrating with you.